Basic Certificate
The Basic Certificate in Theological Studies from the Cardinal Newman Institute, issued upon the complete of the first six courses is recognized in the Diocese of Fort Worth as a “sound doctrinal and academic formation” for those who are currently doing, or wish to begin doing catechetical work in Catholic schools and parishes in the Fort Worth Diocese or surrounding dioceses.  These initial six courses are those taught in Year I, as listed below.  These courses are repeated every year.

Advanced Catechetical Diploma
The Advanced Catechetical Diploma from the Cardinal Newman Institute, issued upon the completion of the twelve additional courses listed below in year II and III, is recognized as an “authentic academic and spiritual formation” for those who participate in some form of catechetical ministry in their parish or in a Catholic school. While the Cardinal Newman Institute seeks to mentor each student and to impart to them “the mind of the Church” as much as possible, the pastoral skills needed for lay ministry are best taught by the Holy Spirit and caught by working closely with others, especially one’s Pastor, other ordained clergy, as well as lay leaders. The Cardinal Newman Institute also offers students the possibility of completing a supervised practicum as well as an additional and more practical course in catechetical methods in a specific area such as RCIA or Adult Faith Formation. This can be arranged with and completed under the supervision of the Director.

Bishop Kevin W. Vann has filed an application with the Congregation of the Clergy of the Holy See on behalf of the Cardinal Newman Institute for permission to award the Apostolic Catechetical Diploma to those students who complete the advanced course of studies with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. An additional requirement such as the practicum mentioned above may be required for the Apostolic Catechetical Diploma. Additional information will be posted as it is received by the Cardinal Newman Institute from Rome.

Bishop Vann recently said, "As adult Catholics we must add reason and understanding to our faith so that we can better witness to the truth, defend it and give an answer to all who ask about the hope that we have in Christ. The Cardinal Newman Institute seeks to strengthen the bond between reason and faith in their formation.”  

Below is a listing of the courses that we currently offer.  Please note that the sequence shown here is the one that we consider ideal for those who are able to complete all 18 courses for the Advanced Catechetical Diploma.  If your schedule and circumstances do not not allow you to take all three, or to take courses for credit, please know that you are more than welcome to audit courses at a discounted rate of tuition, and also to take the number of courses that you are most comfortable with. 


Curriculum and Courses

Year I
Salvation History: Adam to Jesus
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catholic Theological Tradition I

Exploring the Gospels & Pauline Epistles
Vatican II Documents & Survey of Encyclicals
Catholic Theological Tradition II

Year II
Fundamental Theology & Apologetics
Theology of the Church
St Augustine & Medieval tradition

Spiritual Theology
St Thomas & Scholastic tradition
Catechetical Documents

Year III
Anthropology & Moral Theology
Bl. John Henry Newman & Modernity
Readings in the Patristic tradition or Elective course such as practicum

Catholic Social Teaching
Person & Community or Elective course such as practicum
New Evangelization of Post-Modern Culture